Monday, September 22, 2008

My CVS trip

I did not do as well as I had hoped but I got a few things today. I did 3 transactions.
#1 Adidas anti-perspirant 4.99 - 1.oo coupon - 3.00ECB from last week.
Total .99+tx OOP 1.13 ECB earned: 4.00
#2 Nivea for Men 16.9oz body wash 4.99 -4.00ECB from trans#1
total .99+tx OOP 1.06 ECB earned: 4.99
#3Crest Pro-health toothpaste 2.99 -.75coupon ECB earned 2.00
8ct Kit-Kat .88
Total w tx 3.33
I did not use my ECB's from #2 because my total was under 4.99, so I paid cash, but I earned 2.00ECB. I was going to use these to buy the L'Oreal deal for today but they out :-(
I will use my 6.99ECB's left from today on something else either this week or next. There are still some great deals if I get organized!
Total OOP today: 5.52 ECB's earned: 10.99
Not too shabby~


reachkarman said...

sounds like you got some bargains!!!! I will forward your blog to my sister!!!

Lora said...

Thanks! I hope she finds it useful!