Monday, November 3, 2008

Frugal November

I am back! I cannot believe it is already November!!
I am going to have a frugal goal for each month. The frugal goal for November is to make at least 4-5 homemade meals each week (I would love to develop a meal plan and stick to it), and take advantage of stock up sales for holiday baking and beyond. I mostly do this already but have recently deviated to more boxed meals(bought with coupons) and they are just not as good!

We took advantage of the warm temps this weekend and did our fall cleanup. Weeding, trimming, dividing plants, and adding dirt to our flower beds. I was so sore after the hours of work we put in doing this- I honestly don't know how people did this all the time. I imagine your body would get somewhat used to it but our ancestors must have been a tougher people than we are today!
I put the oven to good use cooking pumpkins and a pork loin while we were outdoors. I cannot believe how much pumpkin flesh is in a large pumpkin!! The fruits of my labor will be enjoyed this fall though because I now have enough pumpkin puree that I will not have to buy any for all my fall baking! We enjoyed pulled pork with bbq for 2 days and last night I made some pumpkin bread because you have to make something to show that your hard work is not in vain. The rewards are worth the effort :-)

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