Friday, October 24, 2008

Save at Walgreens!

They are offering the $5 off $20 total again! 10/24 and 10/25 only! Click on the link on my side bar and clip your coupon. Total has to be $20 after coupons and discounts!
Here is what I got today using this deal::
Norhtern 9 pack toilet paper $4.00 - $2.00 man. coupon = 2.00
Lindt 3.5oz chocolate 2.29- 1.00 easy saver coupon- .75man coup = 0.54
Theraflu warming liquid 4.99- 2.00 man. coupon (will also send in for rebate) = 2.99
(2) Triaminic grape nighttime cold&cough 4.99 each - (2) 2.00 printable coupons (9.98-4.00)= 5.98
(10) cans Pringle potato chips 1.00 each = 10.00
Total after coupons 22.45 -5.00 Wags coup= 17.45 OOP
RR earned:: $8.oo for Triamimic+Theraflu
$3.00 for Pringles
RR total = $11.00
Also, I have a mail in rebate for the Theraflu. It looks like they will reimburse 2.99 (purchase price minus coupon) making it free!

They were out of some of the items I was going to get so this is what I came up with. It seems you always need a backup plan.!! My family loves the pringles and I usually spend about $1/can at the grocery anyway, just not in this quantity! I will be hiding these so they don't all disappear!!

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