Friday, October 3, 2008


I wanted to give an update on the sprouts and homemade bread. The sprouts are ready to eat...I think. I had to stick them in the fridge because we had these little "fruit flies" all over the kitchen from the apples we picked last week. So, I think that stunted their growth a little but they are tasty. I will put them in the salad I am going to make to eat with dinner tonight. We are having chicken, it is currently in the crock pot :-) The whole wheat bread came out so good I had to make another loaf and we will be eating it with dinner tonight as well.

On a personal note, I want to warn everyone that uses debit cards to carefully watch their accounts. There are creeps and low-lifes out there that are somehow getting these numbers and using them to make purchases. It happened to us and we are now trying to sort the whole thing out. What a mess!! You try to live a decent life, do the right thing, pay your bills on time, try to live frugal , work hard to try to get out of debt, and these people come along and steal your hard earned money!!! It is not right !!! And we have to jump through hoops to get our money back and prove that we are not the bad guy? Give me a break!

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