Thursday, January 21, 2016

Homemade Vegetable soup

The most frugal way to make this is to use vegetables you have grown yourself and with meat you have harvested yourself. Not all of us have that going for us. Frozen vegetables are a great alternative for the time crushed frugal cook. As are canned tomatoes and broth.

Here is what I use for my vegetable soup:
3-4 bags frozen soup vegetables from Kroger
1 box beef broth (you can use 2 if you prefer)
2 quarts canned tomatoes
1-2 onions, chopped (you can even purchase diced frozen onions if you are crunched for time or hate cutting onions)
salt and pepper to taste
medium beef or venison roast or several round steaks
Italian seasoning or other seasonings of your choice
2-3 minced garlic bulbs (more or less to your taste)

Search your grocery store for a cheap roast or steaks. Freeze them if you find a good price and plan to make soup later. I like to pressure cook the meat to ensure it is nice and tender. Once it is is thoroughly cooked, I shred it into pieces with a fork. I add the cooked and shredded meat and all its juices into my soup. If I have venison, I use that instead of beef.
While the meat is in the pressure cooker, dice the onions. Place the tomatoes, beef stock, onions, and frozen vegetables in a large stock pot. At this point I also add about a quart of water. Add some salt and pepper and choice of seasonings now. I turn the stove on low to medium to begin a slow cook. I have found this works better than a high heat to prevent scorching the bottom of the pan.
Once the meat is cooled some and shredded, I add it all to the stock pot. Remove any sinew or visible fat before adding to soup. Allow the soup to slow cook to a simmer or slow boil then reduce heat to very low.
Taste the soup. It may need some more salt or spices of choice at this time. Add the garlic now and allow it to cook in to the soup.
Once it has been cooking for a little while, turn off the heat and once it cools a little, ENJOY!!!
Serve with saltines, grilled cheese, PB&J, or your bread of choice.
This is my favorite for cold winter days.

Feel free to tweet the vegetables to your liking. Slice and dice your own vegetables: carrots, celery, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, lima beans, okra, corn, green beans... The choice is yours! It will be delicious!

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